ErgoBurner – Top 3 Ways To Lose Your Fat

ErgoBurner – Top 3 Ways To Lose Your Fat

Loosing weight and burning fat can be really easy if you are ready to follow simple rules such as:

1. Daily exercise
Exercise burns calories and suppresses the appetite. The National Academy of Sciences (USA) recently set new recommendations of 60 minutes of exercise per day, up from 30. But don’t panic! Only 30 minutes per day needs to be vigorous activity; use other activities of daily living to add up to the remaining 30 minutes. Here’s even more help: a study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition showed that you can get the same benefits from 10-minute increments as with 30 minutes of continuous exercise.

Keep in mind: The National Institutes of Health says that unless diet and exercise are sustained, most weight loss will be regained.

Clever Tip: ErgoBurner will except helping you burning fat more easily give you also extra energy during your workouts.
2. Protein at every meal
Research from the University of Illinois reported in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that eating more high-quality protein can help a person maintain muscle mass and reduce body fat during weight loss. That’s because of leucine, an amino acid, which spares muscle proteins during weight loss, so you only lose the fat and not the muscle. Maintaining muscle during weight loss is essential because it helps the body burn more calories.

However, too much protein can strain your kidneys, leach calcium from your bones, and prevent you from eating all the other nutritious foods in your diet. So be sure that the protein you eat is just one part of a well-balanced diet.

Keep in mind: We recommend a high quality protein diet of up to 35%. This level of protein is within the guidelines from the National Academy of Sciences’ recommendations. We encourage users to choose lean protein from a wide variety of sources including eggs, fish, poultry, meat, low-fat dairy, beans, and nuts. However, you might consider also to include a high quality protein shake additionally in your diet.

Clever Tip: Rich protein meals require also from your side to drink more water. ErgoBurner will help you with water retention resulting a better overall filtration of your body.
3. Breakfast is a Must
Lose weight by eating breakfast! The National Weight Control Registry cites breakfast as one of the key factors to long-term weight control. In fact, studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that people who skip breakfast tend to be heavier that those who eat a nourishing meal. How can that be? A healthy breakfast keeps blood sugar and hormone levels stable while your metabolism hums along at a higher level, burning more calories.

Keep in mind: Never go more than 4-5 hours without food. Skipping meals encourages to eat unhealthy snacks and crushes your willpower. By making sure that you eat three meals per day you can control your hunger and manage your appetite.

Clever Tip: You can control the quantity you’re eating with ErgoBurner as it helps cutting your appetite. Do your research when or if you wish to include a meal replacement in your diet. Certainly a rich in fibers meal replacement such as ErgoWhey & OATS should be one of your choices too.

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