ErgoNutrition™ assigns primary importance to the Quality of its products, to execution of its customers’ orders according to a strict timetable and priority, and to the high standard of service it provides to its customers, including consultancy.
In order to meet demands we have carefully chosen our Manufacturers and Logistic strategic associates and we are proud of their excellence and final delivery.

ErgoNutrition™ is using protein powders which are manufactured under the highest possible technical, quality and environmental standards – a fully certified ISO 22000:2005 system within the framework of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO:14001:2004.

ISO 22000 is intended to define the requirements for companies that desire to exceed the regulatory requirements for food safety.

All protein powders can be traced back to their original European milk source, where milk production is controlled by European laws of health and welfare of livestock. As a result you can be confident that ErgoNutrition™ products will always be of the highest quality available.

During manufacture of premixes of our various multivitamin or herbal formulas the latest modern laboratory equipment is used for testing incoming raw materials, intermediates and final products against the FCC, pharmaceutical monographs and customer methods. The identity of every batch of raw materials is checked by using FT-IR spectophotometry or, if herbal raw material is involved, by using a microscopic identity check. The used methods are fully validated.

For the above purposes, production and development of all products are according to the FDA / EFSA Regulations and under strict Quality Control and Certification meeting International Standards and Criteria of:

– ISO-FSSC 22000

– ISO 9001-2008

– ISO 13485

– GMP + International

– GMP-Annex 1, PE009-5: August 2006




– Halal (if required)

– FDA Free Sale Certificate